Audrey Raymond

Images de Plumes (Feather Art)
created by Audrey Raymond

From a fascination with silhouettes, was born the idea of Audrey’s appealing Images de Plumes – feather pictures, in which she dresses figures with feathers, insect wings, snake skin and treasures from the garden and wayside.

Audrey is inspired by the beautiful variety of bird and insect life found in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. She is particularly in awe of the wondrous subtlety of colours found in birds’ feathers and feels blessed that she is able to use them to create an art form that will live on in eternity and attract admiration for the exquisite work of nature. No dyed feathers are used. Her experience with colour and design, together with skill developed with scissors while practising classical decoupage, is utilized in her Images de Plumes.

Audrey’s work nearly always employs two elements which particularly appeal to her - humour and elegance. More recently she has expanded her work from 18th and 19th century silhouettes to images from the Georgian era and the dizzy period of the 1920s and 30s.

Through providing descriptions of the materials she uses in her pictures, such as the birds represented, she believes they acquire an extra dimension and are of added interest to the onlooker.

Audrey’s work hangs throughout Australia, the UK, USA, France and New Zealand. She is also now retailing greeting cards of her unique Images de Plumes. These can be seen on Audrey's website and can be ordered from there.

Artist's Website: Images de Plumes

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