Beverley Ritchings

Beverley Ritchings – Intuitive artist

As is the beauty and joy of a rainbow so too are you

Inspired creations harnessing the therapeutic power of colour for you or any occasion.

Beverley's works of art are a unique experience offering healing through colour
In a world full of challenges.
Her work is individual, inspiring and enriching.

Testimonials ...

“ These pictures have a positive energy and bring
Such joy into peoples lives “

“ Feelings of warmth & enlightenment that fills your whole soul “

“They work their magic silently
very very very noticeably”

Colour heals and each individual piece effects each viewer in it’s own special way.
Beverley,s creations invite the viewer to interpret their lives from a different perspective
And it literally moves them to think outside the square.

She gets very excited when she sees the wonderful effect her creations have on others and the assistance they provide for them in their life.

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