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Pastels are immediate, colourful & responsive......that is why they are the preferred medium for artist Carolyn Sheather. Whether she is stalking animals on local farms, studying life models, or making beautiful mess in her studio, she uses Pastels like an extension of her hand, and mind. Her latest series called ’Free Range’ came about after her she realised her work life was not satisfying her creative spirit. After leaving her job and reconnecting to rural life a seed was planted, an idea grew and the series began to emerge. She is admired for her confidence and knowledge in both making those first marvellous marks, and keeping them, critical to the life, liveliness and sense of form, without losing the quality of surface. It’s a pure joy!

Carolyn’s work is only available by contacting her because whatever she finishes and frames usually sells on presentation. As soon as the ‘Free Range’ series is finished she will be holding her first solo exhibition. Prior to her sojourn away from her art she was represented at Regional Galleries in Tamworth and Caloundra, and Private Galleries in & Maleny and Montville, Hervey Bay and Maryborough. Some astute Investors have seen her potential and she now has works in private collections in Europe and South America.

She will be ARTIST IN RESIDENCE at the IMMANUEL ARTS FESTIVAL this year which runs from May 20-23rd. Stop by and say 'Hi" and she what new goodies she has been hatching...

In June 2011 she will be TUTORING on TOUR through the GREEK ISLANDS If you would like to be one of the lucky ones joining her you can phone Sandra on 0412 599 328 or email

Carolyn holds holds Workshops and Classes from Noosa to Bribie, Maleny to Kenilworth and in between, if you would like details you can check out or contact her

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