Corrie Wright

trans-disciplinary artists explore through co-existing levels different realities believing none alone are sufficient.

Working in a diversity of forms and processes my practice reflects a strong relational role for art. Applying different media elements such as sculpture, photography, multi-media, printmaking and artist books the work is very much concerned with interaction, collaboration and process. The concepts are grounded in all forms but tend to be a cross-fertilisation of ideas, concepts and content. This is also reflected in the constant movement between exhibitions, installation, collaborative working relationships and performance.

In the past 5 years my work focuses across disciplines to investigate a relational role for art one that strives to acknowledge working methods that connect interact and engage. These connections are opportunities to develop deeper levels of communication and understanding. Throughout this participatory process, each stage or action does not afford complete understanding about others, but rather as an active participant the reconstruction continually adjusts the relevance of my own social process. I believe the work facilitates the sharing of experiences to the actions of the present and contributes to possible future alternatives

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she@work size 1.5m x 1.5m

‘where are the children?’

'where are the children?' (detail)

transient (detail)

Transient 2005 size 203cm x120cm

‘tears’ installation view 2006

‘traffics heavy’…installation 2004-2007

‘stick has two ends ….. and a middle’ 2006 artist book work continues to be in progress

‘ ends’ 2006