Heather Gall Fine Art

Heather Gall is a Painter and childrenís book illustrator. She has worked professionally since 1985, having conducted many solo exhibitions and illustrated a series of environmental childrenís books.

The dominant theme within Heather Gallís work involves the 'natural world and environment'. She portrays the intrinsic feelings and moods of the environment, absorbing the musicality and tempo of the landscapes that she immerses herself in.

She is strongly influenced by her childhood in the bush of SW Qld but has also grown to love the beautiful region of Maleny where she and her husband have raised their family on his 3rd generation dairy farm.

Heather opens her studio on Bald Knob Road to the public by appointment and during the Arts Connect Inc. Open Studios Program. Here she conducts a variety of workshops and classes.





UPDATED 19/5/2015

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Strangler Fig

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