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Originally from Tasmania, Jennifer’s formative years were spent travelling around Australia with her family. Seeing a variety of landscape as a child heightened an awareness of the diversity in the Australian landscape, each with its own atmosphere.

Since settling in Maleny Queensland in 1983 Jennifer has become an ardent admirer of the landscape that surrounds her and has derived much joy from painting her district.

Jennifer’s method of landscape painting is not traditional- she does not paint at the site or from photographs, but from memory. The decision to paint from retained memories enables Jennifer to capture the emotional impact of a place, at a particular time.

An interest in Aboriginal culture and the impact of colonialism on them is the feature of her latest work.

Jennifer’s main concern is to capture mood and the landform rather than an accurate representation of country. By choosing a method that disregards classical rules of landscape painting, she has been able to let an engaging naivety into her paintings.

Art awards
2008 Zonta –Women in Art awards-Best oil painting-Oil
2005 Woodford Biennial Art Awards Second Prize Acrylic
2004 Maleny Art Awards First Prize Mixed Media
1999 Woodford Art Show Second Prize Pastel
1999 Maleny Arts Award Highly Commended Pastel
1998 Maleny Show Society Third Prize Line and Wash


Rocking with the Zodiac Maleny Credit Union.

Mixed Media Exhibition Maleny Credit Union

Bronze Wing Gallery Montville

UpFront Café- Artist of the Month Exhibition Maleny. My Moo…leny Landscapes series.

Maleny Coma Group Exhibitions 2007, 2008, 2009

"Coast" Group exhibition-2009

Corporate collections. APN Newspapers.
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First Sunrise

Afternoon Haze

Great South Land

Cultural Rebirth

Christianity Meets Dreamtime