June Askew

I have lived in Maleny now for six years and now have quite a few friends. I have previous experience in making jewellery, the first being in Perth Western Australia where I studied silversmithing at TAFE for more than four years. We had to produce four pieces each year which items were entered into an art exhibition at the end of the year in our gallery at Carine Tafe.

I made lovely silver chains, cast & hinged bracelet, letter opener shaped like an Arabian sword, bangles - some gold, a forged necklace, a silver perfume bottle with lid which I wore attached to a chain. A sugar spoon, shaped like a ladle which is beaten with a scalloped edge, the handle had silver scrolls which were embedded into a blue resin.

I moved to the Atherton Tablelands for 10 years & then met a glassblower who taught me to make beads. Eric Immeson & Carol live in Millaa Millaa, North Queensland.

I later moved to Maleny to be closer to my sons. I tried to find a suitable kiln for glass but eventually ordered a new one so that I could learn to make dichroic jewellery. I had done a course in Buderim with Shar Moorman.

I hope to have time to make other glass objects, so far I have made coloured paperweights which are from recycled glass sent to me by my friends in the North. These & other items will later be on a separate section on the same website.

I enjoy working with glass, there is a lot to learn. The colours fascinate me. I hope you enjoy looking at the dichroic pieces I have made, I am always looking to improve & learn more. I will change the pendants around frequently so if you are not inclined to purchase at the moment, come back to see my latest work. I might
add that to photograph glass dichroic is
somewhat of a challenge. Please email me to see them in reality.

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