Ken Munsie

My arts practise is based upon two simple elements - paper and clay.

I have always been fascinated by clay and the tactile sensation you get when working with it; the smoothness of this most pliable material. And for my paper-clay I use an homogeneous mixture of paper pulp made from shredded office paper and recycled clay to create the clay with which I compose sculptures that are inspired by shapes and forms of both nature and man-made edifices.

I enjoy translating these concepts into sculptures, giving them shape and form, and perhaps a life of their own. When everything comes together, it is truly satisfying to see and feel - and creating my art fills me with good emotions, energizes me and reinforces my confidence as a sculptor.

With my assemblage artworks, I use a combination of timber, rusted metal and hand-made paper. All materials have had a previous life, have been discarded, found and rescued and then re-worked to create individual and unique works.

I consider these artworks as Artist's Books and this genre of sculpture has become central to my arts-practice.

The works reflect my on-going fascination with life, death and rebirth and my interest in the traces of past existences. I start with a pile of un-related materials and slowly weld them into an artwork that can be read with imagination.
The idea of evolution runs frequently through my assemblage works as I explore the craft of the Artist's Book and paper-making.

My art doesn't have to look pretty all the time. Sometimes, it evokes different emotions and feelings. That's OK. If the viewer feels something, then I have communicated and I am happy. My sculptures convey a story that reflects a balance of newly acquired knowledge, intuition and uncertainty - all producing individual and unique works of art.

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Artist's Gallery

Square Ewer - paper-clay with crushed brick

Group Seven Square Vases - brown paper-clay

Chainmail 3 - assemblage

Seven Green Circles - assemblage

Chainmail 1 - assemblage

Chainmail 2 - assemblage

Green Leaf Urn - glazed earthenware

Series of Grass Seed pots - glazed earthenware

Internalised - glazed white paperclay

Moss Vessel - glazed earthenware

Set of 4 Vessels - brown paper-clay with crushed brick

various boxes - brown paper-clay with crushed brick

Scent Bottles - glazed slip-cast earthenware

various Boxes - glazed paper-clay