Kim Schoenberger

Working as a Sculptor and Ceramicist my art practice is much about balance and, like the constant swing of the pendulum, I oscillate between clay being the dominant material and found elements that I gather, often combing the two.

My ceramics explores the softer side of my nature, a certain amount of technical skill is required within the process, one of control which dominates and dictates the final outcome, resulting in an extremely rewarding experience.

On the other hand, my assemblages even though require technical skill in the making, the assembling of each piece makes way for pure freedom of expression, sailing off into unchartered territory not really knowing which turn or shape it will take. The excitement that is experienced in this process of serendipity and chance is one of exhilaration and almost addictive in nature. A considerable amount of collecting is required utilizing a variety of recycled materials, I scourer the land for items such as; rusty car parts, cogs, wheels, garden pick heads and axes, distorted tools, anything that is pre-loved and destined for landfill transforming them into unique sculptures, bringing new life to old.

My work is both revealing and personal, my ideas, thoughts and emotions have been given tangible form in my assemblages and ceramics, which have been described as under the phase “commentary on the learning's and journeys of life”.

Always eager to broaden my skills I actively engage in many activities including community events, teaching, residencies and exhibitions, exhibiting in nearly 40 group and 5 solo shows since 2000. My most recent project was being selected as one of twelve artists for ARTIST BY ARTIST collaboration between ABC Open and Queensland Arts Council commemorating the 50th anniversary of QAC (Qld Arts Council), 2011.

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