Kirsten Cash

Kirstenís creative interests are diverse and range in scale from public art and installation works, to unique and personally tailored creations for the individual or home.

Her experience ranges from the creation of kitchen backsplashes and feature tiles, to one off art pieces, designer specialty lines and sculptural images.

Kirstenís public art work is a feature of the Maleny Streetscape project in the form of a unique pavement treatment.

For the past 7 years, Kirsten has been a core member of the Woodford Folk Festival - Fire Event Team, building larger than life lanterns in bamboo cane and paper.

But, perhaps closest to her heart are her spirit based creations, sacred vessels, earth vessels and funery / honour urns that celebrate the creative essence of life and honour individual journeys.

Since graduating studies in Architectural Ceramics in 2000, Kirsten has dedicated herself to honing her artistic abilities. Weaving technical know how with curiosity, intuition and the deeply spiritual, she creates pieces that are engaging and unique.

Kirstenís work features lyrical lines and rich intricate patterning, reflecting her love of the natural world and itís random happenings.

Kirsten takes great pride in her work, hand crafting each piece with authenticity, integrity and craftsmanship.

She also enjoys working in collaboration with others, developing innovative and creative approaches to create works that go beyond the personal and engage people, within the spaces they live and in worlds they transit.

Contact Kirsten to explore a creative solution to suit your project or vision.

mob: 0448198798

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Public Art - Maleny Streetscape Project

Earth Vessel

Tile Panels and features -Mayan calendar

Designer vases - 22 ct gold leaf

Large bamboo lanterns

Decorative platters

Designer vase 22ct gold leaf

Large bamboo lanterns

Feature tiles