Lindley Hart

Enjoyment of watching other artists at work as a child had always prompted me to give painting a go. One day! I discovered this skill of expression and it led me on a journey of discovery. I imagined it would be a transient activity.

After several Group Exhibitions, and Solo Exhibitions, the endeavour remains to incorporate with passion, creating some thing of beauty. Something that can bring many hours of enjoyment and contemplation or it may only be a momentary glance a recognition that exists in passing that may lead to someone else desiring to express their inner treasures. Either way it happens, love is at work.

To have people identify with some thing in an artwork that is close to there heart or evokes their sense of purpose and wisdom in this life, would be a job well done for me. Please enjoy viewing these pictures. May you be inspired and compelled to research your own artistic ability. It is in everyone.

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Mapleton Forest Walk (sold)

Three Light Levels- (LE prints for sale)

Sunset City (sold)

Lifes Riddle

Dove of Enlightenment (Sold)