Lynn Cran

Lynn Cran was born and educated in Western Australia.

Her initial art training was in Graphic Design, where emphasis was placed on accurate draftsmanship. In 1993 after completing further studies in the visual arts, Lynn settled in Maleny where she tutors and exhibits.

Influenced by pre Modern artists, Lynn’s figure drawings, portraits and landscapes adhere to the classical rules of perspective and proportion, however her work doesn’t attempt to be photographic.

Unlike the Modernists, Lynn has always been intrigued by the techniques that allow a 2 dimensional drawing to be made to convincingly represent a real object. For her, communication is far more meaningful when she can express herself through drawing and painting, using the chosen mediums of pastels, charcoal and oil paints.

Lynn is currently working on a series of portraits dealing with a range of social issues.

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Artist's Gallery

'Artemus' - pastel 750x550mm

'Bride Prize' - pastel 750x110mm

'On Leave' - pastel 750x550mm

'Michelangelo 2000' - oil on canvas 450x350mm