Marianne Osborne NDD ATD

Ever since graduating in England, at the age of twenty-two, I have considered myself a professional artist and have been painting more or less continuously for forty years. I supported my art practise mainly by teaching, but also by working in factories ,as an antique dealer, a dental nurse, a chef, a char-lady etc;.

In 1991, I came to live in Australia. To date, I have held over twenty solo exhibitions and won prizes in many QLD artists competitions. I have tutored drawing and painting for Adult Education classes and workshops. When living in Brisbane, I was employed by Channel 10 News as a law-court portrait artist.

Over the years my paintings have obviously varied a lot, but my subject matter remains much the same. I tend to alternate between my abiding interest in figurative work (with Medievil overtones ) and heavily textured abstracts. I work with care and precision. Starting with some small sketches, I enlarge these and then, working with coloured pastels, produce maybe as many as six variations. I push these designs about on sheets of paper before committing my selected version onto canvas.
I usually work in oils and often use gold and silver leaf. Sometimes only three finished paintings will come from the original idea, but I have produced up to sixteen paintings on the same theme.

Now I have “retired” to Maleny I am free to devote more time to working in my studio. I have also re-discovered the fun I had as a student working with clay and have joined in with a group of potters.

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'Poppies' - oil

'Hibiscus and Gold' - mixed media

'Lenscape' - collage

'Lenscape B' - collage

'Sear' - collage

'The Earring' - oil

'The Red Kimono' - oil

'Threads of Time' - collage

Bowls set - clay

Dishes - clay